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Custom Design & Manufacturing

Concept & Consultation: Custom Products to Better Express Your Brand and Image

Your brand or organization is one of a kind. And nothing can convey that better than a truly custom item. And we understand that you may only have an initial, general idea of what you desire. You may be thinking, "I know I want a custom item for our company / organization, but, how does this work, what do I do"? 

Our expertise makes the process surprisingly streamlined and simple. To start, simply call us at 877-238-3004, or email any design files you may be considering using to art@promotionalproductsonline.com. We will be happy to discuss in clear language what certain custom manufacturing processes are best suited for, and just as importantly, what some may not be as well suited for. Almost always, even a short conversation will open up new ideas and possibilities, and at the same, time bring existing ideas into sharper focus.

Custom Product Design: Expertise at Your Service

Our talented staff of designers and marketing professionals understands the value and advantage of great design and presentation, reflected in our portfolio of successful product design patents. Just as importantly, they are experienced at designing with the medium always in mind that the final product will be made of, as there are very different issues that must be accounted for when designing for different materials. That said, we will always advise and suggest layouts that take these factors into consideration; you do not need to worry about technical aspects, and only provide feedback regarding what you like.

Manufacturing Versatility, Value and Agility

We provide exceptional custom product manufacturing versatility at the manufacturing stage. In fact, to always best match up with your specific needs including processes, geography and price point, we offer multi-faceted custom product capabilities in highly productive manufacturing facilities in the United States, overseas, and in Canada, encompassing over 90,000 square feet and 300 employees.

Delivery and Followthrough

Doing what we say we will do — and  staking our reputation on that: Integrity and commitment motivate our team of empowered employees. Bringing innovation to the entire manufacturing / design / delivery process, we have adopted proven distribution and supply principles and developed one-of-a-kind, proprietary processes to excel within the custom manufacturing environment — and we extend those benefits to our customers.

What it means in plain language:

  • exceptionally fast turnaround times
  • very accessible entry point / low minimum order quantities
  • price points matching pre-made products
  • powerful design
  • date-guaranteed delivery

To get started, simply contact us or call us at 877-238-3004.