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Graphics Files and Fonts

Graphics File Formats and Sending Files

At any time, please call 877-238-3004, or email Art@PromotionalProductsOnline.com, if you would like assistance with or have questions about artwork, layout, design or a file you are considering using and wish us to review.

Here are quick answers for when you just want the basics:

  • What format should my file be in? For most items, "vector" format, such as a vector .pdf, .ai or .eps. Please feel free to call us for assistance
  • Can I mix a logo and text? Yes
  • What fonts can I use? Any — we do not restrict the fonts you can use
  • Do I need to fill in the area for "lines of text" when ordering? No, that is just a general guide. We can use more or less lines, or none if you just want a logo.

And, now for those who want a little more explanation:

What format should my graphics/logo/design file be in?
A "vector-based" file such as an .eps, .pdf or .ai file is desired for most items such as engraved products or items that use Pantone inks. Certain products that are imprinted with full color digital or CMYK printing processes generally can use any file including JPEG that has enough resolution, or is large enough, to reproduce criply. Each item's product detail page will note exactly what sort of file works best with the particualr product.

What is a "vector" file?
Vector files are not made of pixels, but rather, are exact lines (strokes) and fills mathematically defined and are always sharp at any size. Most logos are initially created as vector files by the original designer, they will usually have it available if asked. If you only have a graphic like the pixel based art shown below, we can often alter these formats to meet production requirements at no charge. Here is an example of a pixel based logo and the redrawn clean "vector" logo that provides quality results. The vector version is razor sharp even when it is enlarged.


If you have a file of any kind for any product which you are considering but are not sure about it, feel free to email it to art@promotionalproductsonline.com, and we will be happy to evaluate your art and reply same day. 

If you know you would like assistance with graphics or creative layout
Basic layout is always provided free of charge. For very time consuming design work, our B.F.A degreed professional in-house design department is available for additional charges.

Can I mix a logo and text?
Yes, you also can use text only, text plus a logo, or a logo only. You can use one, two, three or more lines of text, again assuming it will not become too small to reproduce or be readable. We will advise anytime we think that may be an issue.

What about fonts?

We do not restrict you to any particular fonts whatsoever. If we think a certain font — or any graphic element for that matter — will not reproduce well we will always advise. Generally speaking, the smaller the area for the artwork, the less complex font type should be used. Below is a listing of fonts that you might want to consider using, but you can use any font you wish.