Custom Made Lapel Pins

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  1. Raised Metal Epoxy Custom Made Lapel Pins

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    In terms of beauty to eyes and budgets, our embossed + epoxy coated lapel pins are standouts. A very popular style, your design is delicately die struck into a metal base, electroplated, soft enamel coloring is added, and all is topped of with a thin layer of contrast enriching and protective epoxy. Embossed + Epoxy Coated lapel pins make a great choice for a multitude of occasions. Also available with popular "clothes saving" magnetic attachments.

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  2. Antiqued Custom Die Struck Lapel Pins

    $0.87 / as low as

    Our antiqued lapel pins provide exceptionally crisp and sharp detail, accentuated with beautiful contrasting relief. Featuring raised areas that are brighter, and recessed areas displaying a darker oxidized appearance, the result is a very clean, very distinctive and elegant look. Available in a multitude of platings. Made with premium brass base metal. Optional highlighting cubic zirconia are available. Soft enamel color fills also available. Also available with popular "clothes saving" magnetic attachments.

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  3. Sandblast Custom Made Lapel Pins

    $0.77 / as low as

    Our matte + polished, also called sandblast, lapel pins provide very sharp detail delineation with their beautiful contrasting relief. Your graphics raised areas will be highly polished, and the recessed areas will feature an exceptional looking matte, or frosted, matte finish. The result is a clean, distinctive and elegant look in silver, gold or copper. Manufactured of premium brass for smooth edges, a fine polish and a high quality overall look and feel.

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  4. 3-Dimensional Custom Made Lapel Pins

    $1.01 / as low as

    Our 3 Dimensional lapel pins provide multiple levels of relief, precise curves and "topographical" effects, and detail. Stunning in appearance, they are simply fantastic for reproducing animals, architectural replicas, miniature products and logos in three dimensions.

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4 Item(s)

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