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  1. Custom Pewter Belt Buckles

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    Our custom belt buckes made of solid pewter are capable of fine detail, and we offer them in 2D and 3D. Colors look great against the sheen of the pewter, if desired. They are not plated per se, as they are natural 100% solid pewter, but are treated with a light antiquing to accentuate details. Available in 2" x 3", or 3" x 4" sizes. Note that the actual shape of the buckle can be totally custom, the buckle just needs to fit within one of the two available size parameters. Learn More

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Customized belt buckles are a quality brandable accessory that gets attention. We offer three varieties that look elegant, stylish and sleek. Antiqued buckles have an antique look with the recessed elements being darker than the more polished raised elements. Custom 100% Pewter Belt Buckles have a rich look only pewter provides. Polished buckles are usually made with colored enamel added, but can have an elegant sandblast effect as well. Simply call us at 877-238-3004 to get started. If you have an art file you are thinking of using for your custom product, please feel free to email it to and we will be happy to evaluate and respond same day.