Customizable Dog Tags

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  1. Engraved Aluminum Dog Tags

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    Our laser engraved dog tags make a sleek looking, and awesomely inexpensive choice! They are solid aluminum and anodized, so they have a smooth metallic surface. Combined with our incredibly precise lasers, they deliver sharp engravings of your logo, mascot, text or graphics. A great option for schools, businesses, giveaways, event promotions and more. They come in 10 bright colors, can be engraved on one or two sides, and the engravings are silvery-white against the color of the tags, so your message is sure to pop. Silver tags have a more subtle tone-on-tone shimmering effect that is very cool. Choose to have them shipped with 30" chains, or rings. We also have a quick turnaround time, in just 3 business days, they are ready to ship, so you don't have to wait long for them to arrive! Learn More
  2. Die Cast Custom Designed Dog Tags Antiqued

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    Custom molded to your very own logo, artwork or message, our brushed metal dog tags are an elegant product for a variety of uses, whether promotional or personal. Available in antiqued genuine silver, brass or copper, artwork appears raised against the background, resulting in a very sharp, visually contrasting effect. Our custom molded dog tags are a zinc alloy base material, and are 2mm thick, allowing for the perfect weight and sturdiness. They come with either 30" neck chains or rings, as well. Each and every dog tag is totally unique — made just for you and your brand, logo or artwork! Learn More
  3. Custom Cast Metal Bottle Opener Dog Tags

    $3.04 / as low as
    Fully functional to fit any standard bottle cap, our Bottle Opener Dog Tags are custom molded to fit your own exclusive logo or design. They are die cast in zinc alloy and are 2mm thick, so even the most stubborn of bottle caps won't stand a chance against our dog tag bottle openers! We offer a variety of antiqued or polished finishes to make your design stand out, and they come with 30" neck chains or split rings. Add color enamels, matched using the Pantone Matching System, to really make your artwork pop. A great choice for parties, promotional events and more! Learn More
  4. Full Color Stainless Steel Dog Tags

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    With an unlimited amount of detail that can be imprinted on our Full Color Stainless Dog Tags, your artwork is sure to stand out no matter how many colors, textures, or gradients are in your unique design. These are imprinted using a fine screen, so the graphics are incredibly sharp. Our full color stainless dog tags are then coated with a thin layer of clear epoxy to protect the image, ensuring the graphics never fade. You can get them imprinted on one or both sides, and can be printed with a full bleed to the edge, or with a 1mm border. Perfect for any kind of promotional or personal use! Learn More
  5. Camo Custom Engraved Dog Tags

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    With our state-of-the-art fiber lasers, our custom engraved camouflage dog tags are a super cool option for any kind of use, whether they are for a kids camping trip, promotional items for your business, or as a giveaway. Artwork is laser engraved on the dog tags, and appears silvery-white against the sleek camouflage background, which ensures your unique design or message will really pop off the tags. Our dog tags can be engraved on one or both sides, and you can pick from either key rings or 30" neck chains. Our talented art department can quickly set up an art proof of the camouflage dog tags, typically in 1-2 hours. We also have a super fast turnaround – your custom engraved camo dog tags are ready in just 3 business days! Learn More

5 Item(s)

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Generate interest and awareness for your brand by choosing a dog tag as a promotional item! Always noticeable and easy to design, these dog tags grab attention. A unique way to showcase your logo, let us make custom tags displaying your information prominently in a very cool way. Dog tags have varied uses, from the military to fashion. The items are easy to work with and have the potential for some very stunning designs. They can come in beautiful, bright and vibrant colors; there is a choice for everyone. With the addition of a rectangular oriented design, the tag can be portrayed either vertically or horizontally — choose whatever "canvas" fits your idea the best! It's many popular uses have made it one of our most popular items. They can be used as key rings or as the standard necklace on a ball chain. They are small, lightweight, compact, and highly portable, which have made them a great customized item.