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  1. Custom Soft Enamel Challenge Coins

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    Our made-to-order challenge coins, also called military coins, and often used as corporate and business coins as well, are timeless classics that are made with a solid brass core. Genuine solid brass — the base material for the finest coins — allows for fine detail, superior weight, and great flexibility for your design. These particular coins feature soft enamel fills in recessed areas that contrast well against the highly polished and plated raised metal. Platings include genuine gold, brass, copper, nickel (the most durable silver), and black nickel. Price includes up to 6 custom Pantone™-matched enameled colors.

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  2. Custom Hard Enamel Challenge Coins

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    Our custom made hard enamel challenge coins are manufactured with a base metal of die struck heavy brass, always at a proper 3 to 3.5MM thickness, and feature Pantone matched New Hard Enamel for a high level of color fidelity. Featuring raised metal that is highly polished and recessed metal that is matte (sandblast), the enamel is raised to the uppermost level of the metal creating a clean, contemporary and sophisticated look. Learn More
  3. Custom Antiqued Challenge Coins

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    Our antiqued classic coins, with, or without added colors, are precisely die struck in solid, heavy brass, and finished in antiqued brass, copper, nickel, (genuine sterling silver, and genuine gold platings also available). The antiquing process is distinguished by raised elements that are lighter than — and stand out beautifully from — the darker recessed areas. Timeless classics, holding extreme details and with a very elegant, refined appearance. Learn More

3 Item(s)

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