• Colorful Branded Lanyards For Your Next Event



    Lanyards are a great way to show off your brand while also displaying credentials for your next big event. Customize the imprint with your logo and website and choose your favorite colors. This will allow your staff to recognize members and other staff at a glance, while the clip can hold a pass or other ID to help identification. We have a few different lanyard options to explore so you can pick the type that's best for you.

    Screen Printed Flat Lanyards with a detachable clasp are available in 3 widths and can be further modified by choosing your preferred hook. Those can be a J-Clip, Metal ring, Bulldog clip, or thumb clip. Your logo will look amazing on these durable and long-lasting lanyards. The widest width is 3/4-inch which gives you plenty of space for a large screen print.

    If you're looking for something similar with a full color imprint check out our polyester full color lanyards. You get the same clip options and width options, but you can also use a full color graphic for the imprint. That makes it a nice choice for more complex logos and seals that you might want to include on your print.

    And of course we also have tubular lanyards for additional depth and comfort to your customized lanyards. These are popular as a welcome gift for students at your college or university. Give the new class of students the autonomy of dormitory key responsibility while also showing off school pride. Lanyards are an invaluable and ubiquitous must-have for college students.

    So what are you waiting for? Get your order started today with bulk quantities as few as 250 pieces! It's the promotional bargain of a life time that you will never regret.

  • Custom Made Belt Buckles Make You Look Cool


    Did someone say "custom made belt buckles?" That's right, you can design your belt buckles and order in bulk from Promotional Products Online. It's a great promo item to match your brand and it's something that you can retail in your shop or on your website. So you're spreading brand awareness and earning revenue while gaining support from your fan base.

    There are several options and styles to choose from when designing your buckles. The first choice you will have to make is whether you want an antiqued finish or polished finish for your belt buckles. Alternatively, we also offer solid pewter belt buckles.

    Then, work with our art department to turn your logo or artwork into the belt buckles of your dreams. Send us your design ideas or finished artwork and we will create a digital proof showing you how the buckles will look. See something that needs to be changed? No problem, we can make the revision at no extra charge.  So whether you're a graphics pro, or an entrepreneur with an idea we can help create the perfect belt buckles for you.

    You will also have options for plating that include silver, gold, copper, nickel, and brass. Want to add color? No problem. Choose the soft enamel color fills that match your brand. The standard shape for belt buckles is the classic oval, but don't let that limit your creativity. We can do custom shapes too!

    Stock up on inventory, your customers will love these belt buckles. We offer bulk pricing--start with a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces.  Order more for a per-piece discount with our tiered pricing structure. Our custom made belt buckles are retail quality and suitable as a high quality keepsake for your brand. So you want to look cool? Start your order of custom manufactured belt buckles today!

  • Promotional Products Spread Joy & Awareness

    How Custom Lapel Pins and Keychains Can Help Spread Awareness and Some Joy

    COVID Got You Down?

    I think we can all agree that 2020 is cancelled. This year is definitely not turning out to be like we may have all thought it would, and we are all collectively feeling a certain level of stress and/or anxiety, more so than usual for some. One thing that has been increasingly popular, though, and driving different levels of interest, is folks sporting custom made lapel pins, or keychains, even tote bags with a wide range of messages and artwork, either for fun, or to support a local or national charity, the latter of which becoming more common lately.

    Spark a Different Kind of Joy

    Aimed at spreading awareness (and perhaps some joy), there seems to be a trend amongst various charitable organizations to create and sell fun items such as lapel pins, keychains, etc. Not to mention the pieces often are whimsical, and just overall joyful looking pieces to wear or use. Custom lapel pins and keychains are also a great incentive for individuals who wish to make a donation to your organization, and perhaps bring a smile to their face. They are also great conversations starters!

    Fundraising and Community Engagement with Custom Products

    Fundraising can certainly be tricky, particularly getting people to interact and support your charity, and getting those who are passionate about your cause to stay engaged. GoFundMe’s and fundraising in general for a wide range of organizations has increased drastically over the last few months, with no sign of stopping. And one of the best ways to increase awareness of a particular cause is to create and sell fun products, such as lapel pins, keychains, bottle openers, and many other items to engage people in supporting your cause and spreading your unique message. Custom lapel pins are also very cost-effective, which is important when you want to allocate most of your funds to the more important, pressing aspects of your organization. It is a great way to spread your message, and more importantly, to continue garnering funds for your organization, so you can keep giving back to your community.

    Looking to Create Your Own Fundraising Product?

    If your organization, like many, are looking for an effective way to amplify your message or your brand, custom lapel pins are a proven way to generate interest amongst those faithful to your cause. But we aren’t limited to just lapel pins. We have a multitude of products we can make (think keychains, challenge coins, bottle openers and dog tags). We would be happy to assist with any request you may have. Our professional team of artists would be happy to assist with any request and make the process go as smoothly and quickly as possible. We strive to provide proofs and quotes in the same day, and sometimes as fast as within an hour of a request being sent. Browse our selection of product categories and request a quote today!

  • Daylight Saving, Clocks, And You


    Twice a year approximately half of the populated world gets to experience time travel. That's right, it's Daylight Saving Time. Primarily celebrated in North America and Europe, this strange tradition has become a hot topic for weekend sleepers and sunshine enthusiasts alike. And twice a year the internet is flooded with articles explaining why we observe this time-hopping ritual. Is it for humankind to experience the raw power of dominion over the unstoppable surge of time? And what does it have to do with cows? The answers may surprise you.

    As we approach the beginning of the 2019 Daylight Saving Time season it is important to remember that there are multiple perspectives in the debate over whether or not we were meant to meddle in the affairs of clock setting. Proponents argue that the time change is necessary and beneficial as it extends daylight time for productivity. This includes the promotion of fitness activities and lifestyle choices to improve personal lives beyond the winter months practice of sitting in a dark room and chipping away at your Netflix queue. Meanwhile, detractors will point to the negative health benefits of disrupting our natural circadian rhythms as well as the technological problems that arise from computer and mechanical devices with scheduled event cycles.

    Like most topical issues, though, everyone enjoys the benefits while complaining about the disadvantages--to the point where no one really wants to do anything about it. That's the way it is, so let it be. Losing an hour of sleep in the spring is unfortunate. Long summer days are great. Getting back an extra hour of sleep in the autumn is also great. There is an impressively thorough Wikipedia page that explores all of this. Really, there is no need for countless media outlets to revisit this topic ad nauseam, bi-annually, ad infinitum.

    So instead, let's talk about clocks. You got 'em? At this point doesn't pretty much anyone who has access to read this article also have a cellular device with a clock in it? And every consumer grade computer has a clock in the corner. We are so connected to time. Fashionistas still enjoy wearing a wristwatch--a metaphorical shackle; a not-so-subtle display of our bondage to the fourth dimension of existence. But clocks look nice too. They can be examples of avant garde design and also expert craftsmanship.  Picture, if you will, a towering grandfather clock with intricate mechanisms all working in conjunction to accurately track an abstract concept, all while housed in an encasement of fine hardwood that has been shaped, fitted, finished, and polished to make a statement piece of furniture.

    Consider, then, a cuckoo-clock. They take the mechanical workings of a clock and extend functionality to celebrate the demarkation of each hour with an elaborate display of miniature automatons re-enacting some bucolic scenario beneath the chirping of a wooden bird ceremoniously erupting from his hollow-hole with unfailing regularity. The artistry applied to these timepieces can be truly inspirational.

    Then there are also the clocks of scale which tower above the land in literal towers. They are timepieces for the village often with chimes playing beautiful songs. From Big Ben to the Rajabai our monumental creations loom above us with the constant reminder that, yes, the time is now.

    Finally, with all this talk of clocks it would be a wasted opportunity to neglect to mention our fabulous array of customizable promotional clock products. We carry elegant time pieces for the executive desk as well as attractive international travel clocks. Order in bulk and customize with your brand logo to let your customers know that you value their time. Set one on your desk and count the tick-tock-tick-tock as the minute hand inches toward the magic number that you hold in your head. The number that will release you back into the world to endeavor upon enterprises of your own design.

  • Black Series Keychains at

    Black Series Keychains

    Our Black Series custom engraved keychains are a beautiful premium metal keychain. When you want to promote your brand with a high quality and elegant keychain you should consider one from the Black Series. We have three shapes from which to choose so that you can select a form with the optimal space to maximize your specific artwork layout.

    What Makes Our Black Series Special

    High Contrast Engraving

    All of our metal keychains are laser engraved to create a highly detailed and permanent imprint of your artwork that won’t peel away over time. The silver color of the engraving stands out in exquisite contrast against the black of the background metal. This gives your artwork eye-catching appeal, even from a distance.

    Polished Metal Backing

    We have a polished metal backing on the Black Series keychains that gives them multiple added benefits. The first is an increased level of structural rigidity and the substantial feeling of premium quality. When you handle a Black Series keychain, you will know that it is a nice solid metal keychain and not some trinket or cheap metal that will bend in your pocket.

    The polished metal backing also acts to frame your customized engraving on the black face--giving the keychain a distinct front and back. This lends the keychain a more finished look and shows intent with your branding. With the metal back you don’t have to worry about your keychain looking unfinished or cheaply manufactured.

    Another great attribute of the polished metal backing is that it acts as a single solid piece that attaches to the key ring. With zero flimsy moving parts, the keychain will stay intact even under rough conditions. The keyring itself is a high quality flat metal split ring with an outside diameter of 1.25 inches.



    Black Series Oval Keychain

    Everyone loves an ellipse. And just like the shape of the natural orbit of planets around the sun, our Oval Black Series Keychain is out of this world. With an engraving area of 1" x 7/8" there is plenty of room to fit your artwork. Logos look great on this attractive keychain.


    Black Series Square Keychain

    This quadrilateral with four equal sides features gently rounded corners so that it won’t snag or poke when stored in a pocket. With a symmetrical 1 x 1 inch engraving area the Square Black Series Keychain is a popular choice for many different types of businesses.


    Black Series Rectangle Keychain

    If you like the shape of the square but need just a little bit more length for your custom engraving then our Rectangle Black Series Keychain will be a great match for you. It has the same rounded corners as the square and a generous 3/4"H x 1-3/8"W area for your artwork.

    Each engraved keychain is individually gift boxed. In addition to protecting the keychains and making them easy to store, the enhanced presentation of gift boxes will impress your customers. So what are you waiting for? Call us today or order online to create your very own custom engraved Black Series Keychains.

  • Celebrate The New Year With Custom Made Year Keychains

    Things are winding down in 2018 and we're looking forward to all of the opportunities in the new year. Sure the days march on in endless succession ambivalent toward our structures of measurement, but flipping over the calendar makes it feel like we get a fresh start to accomplish our goals and chase our dreams. So what are your hopes and dreams for 2019?

    Before we turn the page, though, let's take a moment to look at the big keychain stories of 2018.

    Prada Discontinues "Blackface" Keychains

    In most recent keychains news, fashion house Prada is under scrutiny for their recent "Pradamalia" collection of imagined animal figurine keychains. The keychain in question--which is supposed to represent a monkey--actually bears a striking resemblance to old blackface caricatures like Little Sambo. After the outcry on social media regarding the racist connotations of the keychain, Prada has pulled the item from their stores and issued an apology.  The keychain originally had a retail price of $550.

    Kitty Cat Brass Knuckle Keychains Stir Up Trouble

    Another controversial keychain in the past year are the kitty cat self-defense keychains. Designed to look like a cute little cat face the keychains are technically classified as brass knuckles--which is an illegal weapon in many states like Texas and Missouri. Having this self-defense cat on your keychain could result in jail time or fines. Alternately, many people argued the classification of these keychains and whether or not they were actually legal to carry. What do you think?

    Funko Releases Fortnite Keychains

    The pop culture toy brand Funko has released a set of keychains and figurines based on the popular video game Fortnite. Why is Fortnite so popular? The free-to-play online shooter is a hit with the kiddos and has inspired the entire world to go insane and mimic the dances portrayed in the game. Now you can bring that energy into your pocket with a Fortnite Keychain. #blessed

    Mary Poppins Is Back

    The famous magical Disney nanny is returning to the silver screen this winter in the reboot "Mary Poppins Returns" movie. In addition to her flying umbrella and carpet bag of tricks, she's bringing the merch. Now you can get your hands on whimsical keychains and other swag inspired by the movie. Maybe you aren't a movie studio, but did you know that we can make custom swag for your promotions?

    The Class Year Keychain

    Speaking of years and yearly events, check out this very related keychain. We call it our Class Year keychain because it is popular with schools and graduation events each year. Really, though, you can use it for any purpose in which you would like to prominently showcase the year. It includes a medallion that can be customized with your unique message--like the name of your institution or a simple "Congrats!" The message is cast into the metal which results in a high quality and permanent imprint. Change the plating metal and choose your color fills to match school colors.

    New Year, New You! If you can dream it you can achieve it!

  • High Quality Permanent Laser Engraving

    High Quality Laser Engraving

    At Promotional Products Online, we pride ourselves on our high quality laser engraving. We have a large variety of promotional products available--many of which are imprinted using alternate methods better suited to those particular items; however, we strive provide the best level of customization for our aluminum products using laser engraving.

    Benefits of Laser Engraving

    There are many benefits to having your promotional products laser engraved. Foremost among them is that the engraving creates a permanent imprint in the item’s material. This means that your logo or promotional message will always be a part of the product. Compare this to screen printing where the artwork is applied superficially with a thin layer of pigmented ink. This can be desirable for some applications where color is needed, but the resulting imprint is more vulnerable to physical degradation. Screen printed inks can fade over time and chip or peel away from the base material. This is especially something to consider with keychains which will spend a significant amount of time with keys rubbing against them.

    An additional characteristic of laser engraving is the capacity for fine detail. Lasers can achieve a level of resolution that is not possible with screen prints. Not only can laser engraving create lines just micrometers thin, but also can reproduce that same artwork accurately and exactly with every imprint. Screen printing with inks may result in blobs and smears if the printer is not careful and the screens can wear down or become clogged over time, resulting in inconsistent imprints of your artwork.

    Since the lasers are computer controlled, the engraving is a direct translation of the digital artwork. This further increases accuracy and reduces the chance for imperfections or errors from an intermediary step. Because of this level of direct control, we are able to offer free setup of your custom engraving and can make corrections without additional costly preparation fees prior to production.

    Another advantage to highlight with laser engraving is the rate of production. It is clean, quick, and efficient resulting in faster production times which means faster turn-around times. We offer a standard 3 day production time for most orders of engraved items so that you will have your customized promotional products in your hands, fast!

    Compare these worn and aged carabiners. The screen print ink of the top carabiner has flaked off, while the laser engraving on the bottom carabiner is still sharp and legible.

    About Our Lasers

    There are several types of engraving lasers on the market today. The three main types that you may encounter are CO2 (gas) lasers, Crystal lasers, and Fiber lasers.

    As the name implies, CO2 lasers use a carbon dioxide gas mixture that is then electrically stimulated to produce the beam. It is a popular type of laser with good efficiency capable of producing a beam wavelength of 10.6 micrometers. However, this type of laser is best suited to substrates such as wood, leather, plastics, stone, and glass.

    Crystal lasers are a type of solid state lasers that use laser diode pulses carried by crystals to produce the beam. You will often see this type of laser abbreviated as Nd:YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet). These lasers have a wide variety applications in both medicine and manufacturing. Nd:YAG crystal lasers produce a finer beam wavelength of 1.064 micrometers. Drawbacks of crystal lasers include a large physical footprint, specific water-cooling requirements, shorter lamp life, and high maintenance and service schedules, among others.

    We use fiber lasers to perform our engravings. Fiber has many benefits over crystal and gas lasers. They produce the same fine 1.064 micrometer wavelength optical beam with much lower power consumption, resulting in cleaner and faster engraving. They are very reliable with low maintenance requirements, which allows us to continually engrave your products with no unexpected down-time. We are confident that fiber lasers are absolutely the best tool for the job.

    So as you can see, laser engraving is going to give you a superior promotional product and we use the best available lasers to create those items for you. This is something that you may not have considered in researching the various products online that would most suit your needs. We are happy to provide this high quality service to you and are eager to help you reach your promotional goals. Give us a call or use the contact form to get started with your order today!

  • Customized Promotional Products That A Golfer Will Love

    Warm weather is here and it’s time to hit the links. Your greens are ready, but what about your marketing? From country clubs to community courses we have the golf related promotional products to boost your brand and make your members happy. Our items are great to stock in your pro shop or to give away as incentives or souvenirs for both new membership and your loyal regulars.

    We have a multitude of golf related items that can be customized with your logo for regular sale or for special events. Check out some of what we offer to see if anything grabs your attention.

    Antiqued Solid Brass Golf Ball Markers

    Solid brass golf ball markers with antiqued metal plating

    These totally custom made golf ball markers are crafted with a solid brass base and a metal plating color of your choice (brass, copper, or antiqued nickel). Each marker measures 0.90 inches in diameter and arrives to you individually bagged. This high quality item is a popular keepsake for all golfers.

    Solid Pewter Golf Bag Tags

    Solid pewter golf bag tags

    Our golf bag tags are another completely custom made item that are molded to match your artwork specifications. With a solid pewter medallion and handsome buckle strap, these tags make an attractive addition to any golf bag. Available in sizes up to 3 x 3 inches.

    Eco Friendly Golf Tees

    Eco friendly golf tees in a convenient custom labeled carrying pouch

    Put your logo on this organic cotton drawstring bag. Each bag contains 20 corn plastic tees. What is corn plastic? Polylactic acid (PLA) is a resin plastic derived from corn--it’s biodegradable and doesn’t contain petroleum. So you’re supporting an eco-friendly product made from a renewable resource that doesn’t depend on oil. It’s a win win.

    Double Decker Bag

    Double decker golf bag for all of your carrying needs

    Travel in style with our luxurious double decker bag. With separate water resistant shoe and clothing compartments you can keep your shoes protected and shirts clean. Made from a premium Novohyde material with leatherette accents this bag is sure to impress. Each bag can be customized with your logo on the front oval badge. Order in quantities starting with as few as 12 bags!

    Of course we have many more golf related promotional products. From customizable divot tools to embroidered towels. Check them all out on our main golf accessories page. Let us know how we can help you get the perfect item for your club.

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