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Quick overview:

Available in hundreds of cool shapes and made in the United States since 1974, our die cut soft vinyl keychains are durable, 1/8" thick, and meet all state and federal product safety regulations. And they are are created to last: The imprint actually molecularly bonds with the vinyl for an imprint that is guaranteed to stay on for the life of the item.

In addition to superior quality and longevity, we offer an extensive selection of colors and inks: 17 vinyl base material colors, and 49 glossy imprint inks (in true PMS colors, plus a signature ink that is specially made to be written on) to produce just about any color combination you need for your brand!

Quantity 1000 2500 5000 10000
1 Imprint (1 color front) $0.96 $0.86 $0.82 $0.72
2 Imprints (2 colors front) $1.08 $0.98 $0.94 $0.84
2 Imprints (1 color front + 1 color back) $1.08 $0.98 $0.94 $0.84
3 Imprints (3 colors front) $1.20 $1.10 $1.06 $0.96
3 Imprints (2 colors front + 1 color back) $1.20 $1.10 $1.06 $0.96
Quantity 1 50 100 150 250 500 1000 2500 5000
Sample $0.72 - - - - - - - -
Order a Sample $0.72


Equals the total number of ink colors on each side, added together (not including base material color)

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Ship Date

Approve your proof by 4PM EST today to ship by Tuesday, May 14 2024. Inquire for faster timeframes.


Calculating Your Vinyl Keychain's Number of Imprints

See the graphic below for calculating 1, 2 and 3 imprint orders. And, we can do up to 6 imprints — please just call or email us for orders over 3 imprints. Chose any base material color (and we can split base colors in orders of 500+). The base material color you choose does not count as an imprint color, only the inks used do. For example, an imprint of any 1 color ink on the front + any 1 color ink on the back is a "two imprint" job. The instances of colors is what is added together. A green imprint, on both sides, would be a 2 imprint order. For items that will have information on the front and the back, we like to suggest selecting one of our solid base material colors as opposed to a translucent color so there will be no design interference from the other side. And we are here to assist in adjusting any existing graphic on our keychains to work with your logo and copy. Proofs are also always provided prior to production for your approval, with revisions free of charge.

Custom Imprinting Color Calculation Chart

With our wide range of 17 standard vinyl base material colors and 49 imprinting ink colors, you can design just about anything to match your marketing needs. if your corporate logo branding specification requires that you use Pantone colors that are not in our list, we can use any existing Pantone as needed. And our unique "signature ink" is perfect if you plan to write on your vinyl keychains — the signature ink is white, but has a matte surface, instead of our normal glossy ink surface, which makes it easy to write on it.

Additional Information

Product Width Height x Width to Equal 3 Square Inches
Product Height Height x Width to Equal 3 Square Inches
Customization Area Width Equal to Product Width Minus .25"
Customization Area Height Equal to Product Height Minus .25"
Material Soft Vinyl
Production Time 14 Business Days
Minimum Order Quantity 1000
Packaging Bulk
Additional Information Please note the 1000 piece minimum for all initial orders of our SoftTouch™ flexible custom vinyl key chains in custom shapes for initial orders. Subsequent orders can be 500 units once the custom die is made (and always safely archived for your future use). Developed and in production in the USA since 1974, our soft vinyl keychains are a full 1/8" thick and imprinted to exceptionally tight tolerances, and always meet state and federal product safetly regulations. In addition to superior quality and longevity, you also choose from a wider selection of colors and inks: 17 standard vinyl base material colors, and 49 standard imprint inks (true PMS colors) to produce just about any combination you can dream of.

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